I'm an idealist without illusions. - John F. Kennedy
  • I bought an iPhone 6. I feel like I’ve betrayed Android … although I still am using my HTC One, so not really. But this iPhone, I think I like it. Just a bit.

  • Went to an MLS game last week (Sporting KC) and had way too much fun. Possibly the best part about traveling so much is meeting up with friends from college and just hanging out again, since my STL friends are much different than them.

  • I’ve never dated a girl who has read my blog and not been somewhat offended or hurt by what I say on here. Really not sure I can write about matters of the heart anymore on here.

  • Naked pictures come out so much better on the iPhone than the Android. Dicktures looking spectacular.

  • My Roku screen has the words ‘Roku’ floating around it for its screensaver, and much like that segment on The Office I find myself waiting for it to perfectly match up in the corner of the screen.

  • Oh shit! Look at what I found looking for that The Office clip.

  • This blog is probably boring and sucks now. I apologize, y’all.

tbh I’m so used to being/wanting to be alone that I don’t know how to properly let someone know I want them in my life.


The past month or so I’ve been so busy traveling, working, or giving away my free time to the people that I feel deserve it that I’ve literally not had a single solitary day to myself. That’s kind of incredible considering just how much I love and cherish my alone time.

So, since this Thursday is my second off-day (I’m going into work on my first) I’m preparing by downloading all of the tv series I haven’t watched/finished yet. Got Last of Us and Arkham Asylum (can’t believe I haven’t finished this) queued up. That new Pizza Hut pizza with the bacon in the crust in my horizon. Likely putting my iPad and phone in Airplane mode for most of the day.

It’ll be nice to have a day free of distractions and dedicate it to myself.


I’m just in complete disgust at the Ray Rice video. We kind of briefly talked about it at work, just on some, “damn … he hit her like she was a nigga.” Which is kind of the best way that I could describe it. He hit her like a dude might hit some other dude at a club during a fight.

I just for the life can’t see a reason to hit my girl like that, that’s just really some fuck shit. Wouldn’t even be able to look her in the eye afterwards, let alone stand in front of an altar and pledge my life to her and get married just a week or so after.

And then raise a daughter, knowing that you fucked up her mom, then stood over her and didn’t even initially move to see if she was okay, just dragged her out of an elevator like a rag doll. How do you even interact with a daughter and tell her how she should be with a man who’ll treat her like a queen when you knocked yours out? Or even for the mom, to stay with him. If he did that in public I don’t even want to imagine what he did/does in private. This is just on all levels fucked up.